Hoshwalon Ko Khabar song and details from Aamir Khan movie Sarfarosh


Beautiful ghazal from movie Sarfarosh (1999)

Lead Actors: Aamir Khan, Naseeruddin Shah, Sonali Bendre 

Music: Jatin-Lalit (Jatin Pandit, Lalit Pandit)

Lyrics: Nida Fazli

Singer: Jagjit Singh

Director: John Matthew Matthan

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Translation of Hoshwalon Ko Khabar:

What do sensible people know about losing their senses
Fall in love then you will understand what life is all about

When our eyes met, everything around me became brighter
Today I know about the magic of love.

Her flowing hair taught the seasons art of poetry
Her downward glances told me what intoxication is

I could not express my feelings in words
and she could not understand the meaning of my silence.

Related interesting information  

  • Sweet Song in a Harsh World: Much of the movie deals with problems related to smuggling, terrorism, bribery, underworld of Mumbai and other such issues.  However, in the middle of all these crimes and harsh realities, the movie makers have found a way to include this beautiful ghazal (poetic song). The song fits in the story of the movie well and has been filmed beautifully. 

  • Singer Jagjit Singh :  Famous singer and composer Jagjt Singh sang this song with so much emotion and feeling. His voice and style was very well suited for this particular song. He has sung numerous ghazals, some for films and others not. He also recorded many wonderful songs with his wife Chitra Singh.

  • Lyricist Nida Fazli :  Noted poet and lyricist Nida Fazli wrote the beautiful lyrics for this song. He and singer Jagjit Singh collaborated on many occasions earlier and produced many wonderful songs.  Unfortunately, both these artists have passed away and will no longer be giving us the gift of soulful songs, but they have left a wonderful collection of songs for us. Click here for another memorable creation by these two great artists and Chitra Singh.

  • Setting of the song:  Ajay (Aamir Khan) and Seema (Sonali Bendre) were students in the same college in Delhi. They were attracted to each other but their relationship was mostly limited to exchanging glances and playful tricks because Ajay was too shy to say anything. Their romance was just beginning when Ajay and his family suddenly had to move to Mumbai because of some traumatic events. Ajay and Seema did not even get a chance to say goodbye. Years later, they see each other from a distance in the concert hall and as they listen to the song, memories from their college days come rushing back. 

  • Naseeruddin Shah:  Veteran actor Naseeruddin Shah sang this song on screen very convincingly. His recitation of a couplet (before the song) is equally well done.  He acted as a musician but his character also had a darker side.  

  • Music Composers Jatin Lalit: The song was composed by a team of two brothers, Jatin Pandit and Lalit Pandit. The two musicians have composed many popular Bollywood songs.  

  • Jagjit Singh performs: Live performance by Jagjit Singh draws in the audiences. He introduces variations and improvisations to the original song, which adds a new flavor. This song in his soothing and soulful voice is magnificent. Instrumentalists provide gentle accompaniment and also add to the pleasure. Click here to watch Jagjit Singh sing this beautiful ghazal.

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