Sasural Genda Phool song and details from movie Delhi-6


Sasural Genda Phool song from Delhi-6 movie (2009)

Lead Actors: Abhishek Bachchan, Sonam Kapoor, Waheeda Rehman

Music: A.R. Rahman, Rajat Dholakia

Lyrics: Prasoon Joshi

Singers: Rekha Bhardwaj, Shraddha Pandit, Sujata Majumdar

Director: Rakesh Omprakash Mehra

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Translation of Sasural Genda Phool Song :

My husband teases me
My sister-in-law makes fun of me
House of my in-laws is like a marigold flower

My mother-in-law scolds me
My brother-in-law explains things to me  
House of my in-laws is like a marigold flower

I have left my father's home
Now I like my husband's home

My husband is a businessman
He is going away to a foreign country
I behold his face admiringly
My heart is heavy with grief

My husband wears a bush shirt
He eats betel leaves with style 
His splendor is different from that of anybody else
in the entire city of Raipur.

House of my in-laws is like a marigold flower

Sasural Genda Phool from Delhi-6 : Interesting Details  

  • Setting of Sasural Genda Phool SongRoshan (Abhishek Bachchan), an Indian American, accompanies his grandmother (Waheeda Rehman) from the United States to India because the grandmother wants to spend her last remaining days in her ancestral home in Delhi. Several neighborhood women get together to make spicy red chili pickles on the rooftop. Roshan and his grandmother also join in to soak up some sun. Roshan gets upset when his grandmother jokingly puts a spicy pepper in his mouth. Then one woman starts singing and other people join in the song and dance. Roshan also joins in with his own style of dance, which is quite entertaining. Other neighbors also enjoy the music from their own rooftops. The last part of the song shows a pigeon called Masakali. The popular song Masakali from Delhi-6 movie is about this pigeon. Click here to read more about the  Masakali song.

  • About Sasural Genda Phool movie Delhi-6 :  The title of the movie, Delhi-6, comes from the last digit 6 of the postal code 110006 for a neighborhood in an old part of Delhi, where streets are old, narrow and crowded. The movie centers around Roshan, an Indian American, who has grown up in America and is unfamiliar with India.  Roshan learns about many fascinating aspects of Indian culture, people and music.  He also finds out about some of the negative sides of this society. He eventually gets pulled into the communal conflicts that are tearing the neighborhood apart and pays a heavy price. The depiction of places, people and old Delhi neighborhoods has been done well in the film and seems genuine.    

  •  Sasural Genda Phool movie Delhi-6 Songs:  Delhi-6 movie has several wonderful songs. Find links for some other good songs and details below. In addition to the  Sasural Genda Phool, which has been adapted from a folk song, there are some other great songs.  Click here for another popular song, Masakali, from the movie Delhi-6, which is a lighthearted and fun song. click here for a soulful song called Arziyan (Maula Maula) from the movie Delhi-6 for a completely different flavor. Click here  for a romantic and beautiful song called Rehna Tu with tender lyrics from the movie Delhi-6.  This song has reality and imagination mixed together in a pleasing way. Rehna Tu was sung by the music composer A. R. Rahman himself with others. The last part of the song has background music that is mesmerizing and calming. Rahman has sung many other wonderful songs before. Click here for the title song  from the movie Dil Se, which was also sung by the composer A. R. Rahman and is a memorable song with dramatic scenes unfolding in the background. 

  • Sasural Genda Phool song cast :  In this song, a group of neighborhood women gather on the rooftop to make pickle.  This scene is so typical for many families that it feels completely natural.  Actress Aditi Rao Hydari plays the role of Rama Bua and starts the song. She is joined by actresses Supriya Pathak and Sheeba Chaddha, who play the roles of Rama's two sisters-in-law.  They start singing and dancing. Roshan (Abhishek Bachchan) and his dying grandmother (Waheeda Rehman) also join them in their song and dance. In the background, actor Om Puri tends to his pigeons and is later joined by his daughter Bittu (played by Sonam Kapoor).     

  • Meaning of Sasural Genda Phool Song:  In this delightful song, a married woman expresses her feelings about living with her in-laws. In India, women usually live with their in-laws after marriage. In the song, good and bad aspects of living life with the husband and his relatives, mother-in-law, sister-in-law and brother-in-law, are described.  Sasural Genda Phool means the house of in-laws is like a marigold flower. 

  • Sasural Genda Phool dancer Waheeda Rehman :  In this song, a group of women start dancing.  One of the dancers is Waheeda Rehman, who shows some of her simple but elegant dance moves. She even tries to copy Abhishek Bachchan's dance moves later in the song. In her younger days, she was a skilled dancer. Click here to see her memorable dance performance from the film Guide (1965). In that film, she convincingly acted as a dancer and performed several dances. Many other earlier actresses, for example, Vyjayanthimala, Hema Malini and Padmini were also trained dancers.  

  • Sasural Genda Phool - A Folk Song:  The movie song is an adaptation of a folk song from Chhattisgarh region in central India. Click here for the original version of the song with traditional musical instruments and stage performance. Some people prefer the original version and others like the movie version.  You can decide for yourself.  There is little doubt that the Delhi-6 movie has popularized this song.    

  • Sasural Genda Phool Song with Waheeda Rehman - Veteran Actress :  Famous actress Waheeda Rehman acts as the affectionate grandmother of Roshan (Abhishek Bachchan). During the song, the other women insist on her joining in the dance and she shows her delightful moves. She has acted in many Bollywood films over several decades.  She acted as a leading lady in romantic roles in her earlier days and as a mother and grandmother in her later years.  Her acting in this movie is natural and emotional.  She seems comfortable with her age.  There is no attempt made to look younger with heavy makeup or dyed hair. She looks graceful and beautiful even at this age. Click here to watch a romantic song, which was written decades back to praise her beauty.    

  • Singer of Sasural Genda Phool - Rekha Bhardwaj performs live: The lead singer in the song is Rekha Bhardwaj. Her well trained and smooth voice makes the song very melodious. In this live performance, she uses her own variations and sings with mostly traditional Indian instrumentalists. This version of the song is somewhat different from the movie version, but it is also very pleasing. Her interplay with the other musicians is respectful and enjoyable to watch. Click here to watch the live performance.

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