Aaoge Jab Tum song and details from film Jab We Met


Sad song from movie Jab We Met (2007)

Lead Actors: Shahid Kapoor (Shahid Kapur), Kareena Kapoor

Music: Sandesh Shandilya

Lyrics: Faaiz Anwar

Singer: Ustad Rashid Khan

Director: Imtiaz Ali

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This song is the third in a 3 song sequence from the movie Jab We Met. 

Click here for the first song Nagada Nagada. 

Click here for the second song Ye Ishq Hai. 

Watch the songs and read their details in the correct order for more enjoyment. 

Translation of song Aaoge Jab Tum:

O darling, Flowers will bloom in the courtyard when you arrive
Rain will come down jubilantly when the two hearts unite 

Your beautiful eyes are black
I have lost my heart to your eyes
Unknowingly your eyes have made many promises
My gentle breath says to you that   
Rain will come down jubilantly when the two hearts unite

I stare at the moon at night
My life is in your hands
There are twinkling stars on my eyelashes
Come during the season of heavy rains
Our world of dreams will be blooming and flourishing
Rain will come down jubilantly when the two hearts unite

Related interesting information  

  • Setting of the SongGeet (Kareena Kapoor) returns  to her family home in Punjab from Mumbai. On the way, she becomes friendly with Aditya (Shahid Kapoor). After returning home with Aditya, Geet learns that her family has chosen a groom for her. Geet has to act fast because she has plans to elope with her boyfriend. She tries to contact her boyfriend but cannot, so she decides to run away from her home at night and meet him in his town. Aditya accompanies  Geet because he is not ready to return to his troubled life. During their journey, Aditya falls in love with Geet but does not express his feelings because he knows about her boyfriend. After reaching the town of Geet's boyfriend, Aditya says goodbye to Geet and returns to his home and business. Geet excitedly runs to meet her boyfriend. She is full of dreams and hope for her future life with him, but her boyfriend refuses to accept her. Geet feels too embarrassed to return home, so she reluctantly starts working as a school teacher in her old school and living a sad and lonely life. 

  • Singer Ustad Rashid KhanThis soulful and sad song was beautifully sung by Ustad Rashid Khan, a renowned Indian classical musician. He comes from a musical family and started performing at an early age. He has been conferred the  prestigious Padma Bhushan and Padma Shri awards by the government of India. Musician Sandesh Shandilya greatly admired Ustad Rashid Khan and chose the singer for this song because of his classical music expertise and also because he had pain in his voice.   

  • 15 years to make: Music composer Sandesh Shandilya said in an interview that he composed the first two lines of this song and could not compose the right tune for the next part. The song sat on the back burner for 15 years. He was finally  able to compose the next part in a way that satisfied him. This wonderful song is definitely worth the wait. Millions of people are glad that he completed it. 

  • Worried about the song: The film was mostly intended for younger viewers. The director Imtiaz Ali said that he and others were worried that this song, with its slower pace and classical music influence, may not connect with younger people. They need not have worried.  The song became a very popular song with people of all ages.   

  • Hopeful words in a sad song: The words of the song are romantic and hopeful yet the tone of the song is very sad. The words are based on Geet's expectations and hopes as she excitedly greets her boyfriend. The sadness of the song comes from the events that actually occur. Very nice and unusual combination.   

  • Contrast in mood: In the movie, this song comes after the energetic and lively song"Ye Ishq Hai". The contrast between the two songs is quite dramatic. The two songs were composed and written by different musicians and lyricists. Click here to watch "Ye Ishq Hai" song from the same movie. That song is just as enjoyable but very different. 

  • Ustad Rashid Khan Performs: Singer Ustad Rashid Khan gives a live performance in his sweet and polished voice with only a few traditional instrumentalists providing accompaniment. This version is longer than the original piece and has many more improvisations and variations, which has made the song softer and sweeter. Ustad Rashid Khan is clearly enjoying singing the song. People on the stage accompanying him also look very pleased. This song has the ability to transport listeners to a different world and make them forget about their problems for a few minutes. Close your eyes and try it! Click here for a melodious live performance by Ustad Rashid Khan.

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