Dil Se Re song and details from Shah Rukh Khan movie Dil Se

 Dil Se Re Song from movie Dil Se   

Movie: Dil Se (1998)

Lead Actors: Shah Rukh Khan, Manisha Koirala, Preity Zinta

Music: A. R. Rahman

Lyrics: Gulzar

Lead singer: A. R. Rahman

Director: Mani Ratnam

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The song features Shah Rukh Khan (SRK or Shahrukh Khan) and Manisha Koirala. It shows intense romance in the middle of disaster and chaos. The song has strong emotions in it.   

Interesting information about Dil Se Re song

  • Dil Se Re Song Setting

Before the song, Amar (Shah Rukh Khan) secretly goes after Meghna (Manisha Koirala) to her village even after she tells him to leave her alone. She looks nervous and tells Amar that he does not known anything about her. Meghna tells Amar to leave immediately but he tells her that he loves her with all his heart. 

  • Dil Se Re Song emotions

The song has moods of optimism and desperation woven into it. Amar is obsessed with Meghna, and pursues her but Meghna does not show any interest in him and tries to discourage him. Amar feels that he can persuade her with his love. Amar has lived a good life and is optimistic about a bright future with her. Meghna has seen war, torture, and other disasters in her life and is in a state of desperation. The two sentiments mingle together beautifully in this song.  

  • Famous train song from movie Dil Se: 

Although this song is not as well known as the Chhaiyya Chhaiyya song from the same movie, it is equally moving and has a feeling of intensity in it. Click here for the famous Chhaiyya Chhaiyya train song from the movie Dil Se.

  • What does Dil Se mean?: 

The word dil means heart in Hindi and Urdu languages, and Dil Se means From the Heart.  

  • Dil Se Singer

The lead singer Rahman in the song is also the music composer. Rahman was also one of the singers in the internationally famous song Jai Ho, which was composed by him. Click here for the delightful Jai Ho song from the movie Slumdog Millionaire.

  • Dil Se Music Composer: 

The song was composed by musician A.R.Rahman. He became famous internationally after winning an Oscar for composing music for the film Slumdog Millionaire. He has composed music for numerous Tamil and Hindi movies and has won many national music awards.

  • Not Singer Rahman's language: 

The song is written in Hindi language. This language is not  Rahman's mother tongue. It is highly creditable that he could deliver the song with such great emotions in a language that he is not very comfortable with.  

  • Dil Se Re Song Live Performance: 

Click here to watch Rahman singing this song and playing piano in front of live audience. It is a memorable and enjoyable performance. 

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