Lahron Pe Lahar, a rare duet song by actress Nutan in her own voice


Lahron Pe Lahar song from movie Chhabili (1960)

Lead Actors: Nutan, Kaysi Mehra, Tanuja

Music: Snehal Bhatkar

Lyrics: S. Ratan

Singer: Nutan (Nutan Samarth), Hemant Kumar

Director: Shobhna Samarth

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Related interesting information  

  • Sweet and Calming Song: This is a fairly well known song, but many people may not know that actress Nutan sang this song herself with an established singer Hemant Kumar. The song flows so smoothly and has a calming effect. The background music is also very soft and serene. Voices of both singers are well suited for this melodious song.  

  • Singer Nutan:  Nutan was known as a beautiful and talented actress and acted in many famous movies, for example, Sujata and Bandini. She won the national award for best actress in both of these movies. What is not commonly known is that she was also a good singer. She sang six songs for the movie Chhabili. In this song, she was able to keep up with an experienced and professional singer Hemant Kumar quite well. She also sang one solo song in the movie. Click here for Nutan's solo song Ae Mere Humsafar from this movie. 

  • Singer Hemant Kumar:  Hemant Mukhopadhyay, professionally known as Hemant Kumar,  sang many Hindi film songs. He was also a wonderful composer. His voice was so pleasant and smooth that it added to the beauty of any song that he sang. He also sang and composed numerous Bengali songs. Since Bengali was his mother tongue, he were much more comfortable and relaxed while singing Bengali songs.

  • Inspired by Dean Martin?:  This song has some similarities with Dean Martin's 1957 song called The Man Who Plays The Mandolino. Some people believe that this song was a copy of Dean Martin's song, but there are many differences. The first few lines of this song are similar to the Mandolino song, but much of the song is very different. The emotions and styles of the two songs are also very different. Dean Martin's song is also wonderful but different. Click here for Dean Martin's Mandolino song and decide for yourself. 

  • Musician Snehal Bhatkar: This sweet song was composed by Snehal Bhatkar.  He composed songs for several Hindi movies. He was also a well known musician in Marathi music and composed many songs for Marathi films. 

  • Solo version by Hemant Kumar:  Hemant Kumar also sang a solo version of the same song. Enjoy this mesmerizing song and Hemant Kumar's captivating voice. Click here for the solo version of the song.

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