Ae Mere - a rare solo song sung by Actress Nutan in her own voice


Ae mere Humsafar song by Nutan from movie Chhabili (1960)

Lead Actors: Nutan, Kaysi Mehra, Tanuja

Music: Snehal Bhatkar

Lyrics: S. Ratan

Singer: Nutan (Nutan Samarth)

Director: Shobhna Samarth

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Click here for a duet song sung by Nutan

Related interesting information  

  • Sweet and Pleasant Song: This is a rare solo song that very few people have probably heard.  Even fewer people know that actress Nutan sang the song herself. However, after hearing it, this sweet song will likely stay with many people because it is such a pleasant and melodious song. It seems clear that Nutan  put in a lot of effort and emotions in this song. Instead of copying other established singers, Nutan sang the song in her own pleasant style of singing. Click here for another memorable song from the movie Sujata starring Nutan and Sunil Dutt, which was beautifully sung by musician Sachin Dev Burman. 

  • Singer Nutan:  Nutan was known as a beautiful and talented actress and acted in many notable movies, for example, Sujata and Bandini. She won the national award for best actress for both of these movies. What is not commonly known is that she was also a good singer. She sang six songs for the movie Chhabili.  This was her only solo song in the movie. According to her younger sister Tanuja, Nutan also wrote poetry in both Hindi and English. Nutan was clearly a person with many talents. Click here for a rare duet song sung by Nutan and Hemant Kumar.

  • Musician Snehal Bhatkar: This sweet song was composed by Snehal Bhatkar.  He composed songs for several Hindi movies. He was also a well known musician in Marathi music. Click here for the title song from the movie Hamari Yaad Aayegi, which was one of his famous compositions.  

  • Songs sung by Nutan:  Most of the songs that Nutan sang were for the movie Chhabili. This movie was a family affair. It was directed by Nutan's mother Shobhna Samarth, who was also a veteran actress. The movie cast included not only Nutan but also her younger sister Tanuja. Both Nutan and Tanuja went on to become successful Bollywood actresses. Moving to the next generation, Tanuja' s daughter Kajol is a famous Bollywood actress, and Nutan's only child Mohnish Bahl is also a well known actor in the Indian television and film industry. 

  • A duet from the same movie: Nutan sang several songs in this movie.  In this duet song, she sang with the famous playback singer Geeta Dutt.  In the song, Nutan's voice sounds playful and that of Geeta Dutt as someone intoxicated. Click here for the song Yaaron Kisi Se Naa Kahnaa from the movie Chhabili. 

  • Nutan sings in her own voice:  In an earlier movie also, Nutan sang in her own sweet voice. These are not complete songs but short snippets of songs from a popular movie, Paying Guest, starring Dev Anand and Nutan. Click here for a delightful song from Paying Guest, in which Dev Anand tries to woo Nutan by making old-fashioned Bollywood moves.  She looks annoyed in the beginning but falls in love with him later in the movie. Click here to watch snippets of songs sung by Nutan in the movie Paying Guest. 

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