Dum-a-dum mast song and details from movie Dhanak (Rainbow)

Dum-a-dum mast / Let's give love from movie Dhanak (Rainbow)

Movie: Dhanak (2015)

Lead Actors: Hetal Gada, Krrish Chhabria

Music: Traditional, Tapas Relia

Lyrics: Traditional, Tapas Relia

Singers:  Devu Khan Manganiyar, Chet Dixon 

Director:  Nagesh Kukunoor

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Related interesting information 

  • Setting of the song: Two orphan siblings run away from their uncle's home to meet Bollywood star Shah Rukh Khan. The young boy is blind, and the children believe that Shah Rukh Khan can help to get the boy's eyesight back. Before the song, they meet an American hippie, who is on a mission to bring peace in the world. They cannot understand each other's language but manage to connect through music and come up with this joyful song. Click here to see the events that lead to this song.

  • About The Film Dhanak: Dhanak (Rainbow) is a really sweet and heartwarming movie. It was released with the title Dhanak in India and as Rainbow in other countries. It will help to restore your faith in humanity.  If you are tired of violence, sex and bad language in movies, watch this movie because it has none of these.  It shows the innocence of children and their view of the world very well. The two child actors dominate the film and have done a remarkably good job. The movie was filmed in the desert region of India and shows the untouched beauty of the land. The movie has been wonderfully written and directed by Nagesh Kukunoor. Click here for another delightful folk song from Dhanak.   

  • Singer Devu Khan: Devu Khan comes from a professional folk musician community  in Rajasthan.  His parents earned their livelihood through folk singing.  He did not receive any professional or formal schooling but learned music by being immersed in music from an early age. He was the playback singer for the young boy in the song.

  • Singer and actor Chet Dixon:  Chet Dixon is an American actor, singer and musician. He has acted in many Hollywood movies, such as, Cold Mountain and Expect No Mercy. He had a small but very entertaining role in the movie and sang this wonderful song with singer Devu Khan. Click here to watch these two artists recording the song. 

  • Composer Tapas Relia:  Musician Tapas Relia has been able to successfully combine a traditional song Dum-a-dum mast with a song in English language called Let's give love a chance. The two songs mesh together well despite the fact that they come from two different languages and different cultures.

  • Original Dum-A-Dum song:  This song has been performed by many artists and many versions exist. Click here for one of the most popular versions of this song by Runa Laila. 

  • Devu Khan performs Dum-A-Dum song: The playback singer performs the song in traditional style. Click here to watch the video of this performance and an interview with the singer.

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