Mehendi Ro Rang Lago song and details from movie Dhanak (Rainbow)

Mehandi Ro Rang Lago from movie Dhanak (Rainbow)

Movie: Dhanak (2015)

Lead Actors: Hetal Gada, Krrish Chhabria

Music: Traditional, Tapas Relia

Lyrics: Traditional

Lead Singers:  Swaroop Khan, Niyaz Khan, Anwar Khan

Director:  Nagesh Kukunoor

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Related interesting information 

  • Setting of the song:   Two orphan siblings run away from their uncle's home to meet Bollywood star Shah Rukh Khan. The young boy is blind, and the children believe that Shah Rukh Khan can help to get the boy's eyesight back. Before the song, the children are walking along a desolate road, when a tractor passes by with the sound of songs coming from it. The young boy also starts singing. The singer in the tractor, who is on his way to attend a wedding, is impressed by the boy and offers the children sweets and a ride in his tractor. The children are later invited to join the wedding festivities, where they sing, dance and enjoy a feast. 

  • About the film Dhanak:  Dhanak (Rainbow) is a really sweet and heartwarming movie. It will help to restore your faith in humanity.   It was released with the title Dhanak in India and as Rainbow in other countries. If you are tired of violence, sex and bad language in movies, watch this movie because it has none of these.  It shows the innocence of children and their view of the world very well. The two child actors are the lead characters in the film and have done a superb job. The movie was filmed in the desert region of Rajasthan in India and shows the untouched beauty of the land and music, culture and food from the region. The movie has been written and directed beautifully by Nagesh Kukunoor.  The film  has won several Indian and international awards. 

  • Singers Swaroop Khan, Niyaz Khan and Anwar Khan Manganiar: These are professional folk singers from the state of Rajasthan in India. They sang this song in the traditional Rajasthani style. Click here for another enjoyable song from the same movie featuring the American actor and singer Chet Dixon. 

  • Sweet and traditional song:  In Rajasthani language, mehandi (mehndi) means henna. Women use henna paste to make artistic designs on their hands and feet to make them look red and beautiful. In this song, singers praise henna and its vibrant red color on beautiful hands. Henna is considered an important part of wedding rituals and festivals in many parts of India. Click here to see some beautiful Rajasthani henna designs. 

  • Composer Tapas Relia:  Musician Tapas Relia incorporated this song in the movie and kept the original style intact. The traditional song is a popular song in Rajasthan. 

  • Long version of Mehendi Ro Rang Lago song: The movie used a short version of the song. Click here to listen to the longer version of this Rajasthani folk song with a wonderful beat.

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