Jalte Hain Jiske Liye song and details from movie Sujata

 Romantic song from movie Sujata

Movie: Sujata (1959)

Lead Actors: Sunil Dutt, Nutan

Music: Sachin Dev Burman  (S. D. Burman)

Lyrics: Majrooh Sultanpuri

Singer:  Talat Mahmood

Director: Bimal Roy

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In the song, actor Sunil Dutt becomes emotional as he lovingly sings this sweet song to his girlfriend Sujata (played by Nutan). This movie addresses the problem of caste system and discrimination against lower caste people in India. In this movie, a high caste man and a low caste woman fall in love against the social norm and face enormous challenges.  

 Related interesting information 

  • Musical Score: The song was composed by noted musician S.D.Burman. He Composed numerous songs for Hindi and Bangla (Bengali) films over several decades. He also sang several memorable songs. 

  • Other Songs: S. D. Burman composed several wonderful songs for this movie. This song is one of the sweetest songs but some others are also very good. Majrooh Sultanpuri's lyrics are also magnificent. Click here for a famous song Sun Mere Bandhu Re from this movie. 

  • Setting of the Song:  In the song, Adhir (played by Sunil Dutt) is shown singing a romantic song to his sweetheart Sujata (played by Nutan). Earlier when the two lovers had met, Adhir was humming the tune of the song but did not have the words. He had promised to sing the song to Sujata when the song was ready. In the meantime, Sujata learns that her high caste adoptive parents have chosen a low caste groom for her, and the parents want their own biological daughter to marry Adhir. Sujata does not want to go against the wishes of her parents and decides to end her relationship with Adhir. She is heartbroken and sobbing with grief, but Adhir is blissfully unaware of these activities. Actress Nutan has portrayed the feelings of Sujata very well in the song.   

  • Award Winning Film:  This film was critically acclaimed and won several national awards. Actress Nutan won the best actress award for her wonderful portrayal of the lead character Sujata. Bimal Roy won the best director award and the film won the award for the best film in 1960.   

  • Singer Talat Mahmood: Talat Mahmood had a really sweet and silky voice. His voice was very well suited for this gentle song. He also acted in several films. Click here to watch Talat Mahmood perform this song live. 

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