Sun mere bandhu re song and details from movie Sujata

 Melodious song from movie Sujata

Movie: Sujata (1959)

Lead Actors: Sunil Dutt, Nutan

Music: Sachin Dev Burman  (S. D. Burman)

Lyrics: Majrooh Sultanpuri

Singer: Sachin Dev Burman  (S. D. Burman)

Director: Bimal Roy

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The song features Sunil Dutt and Nutan standing near a river as a boatman sings in the background just as dusk is falling. They express their love for each other as a gentle breeze blows to make the moment more special. 

The woman is shy and says very little.  She says a lot with her expressive eyes but does not much in words.  The song captures her feelings and expresses them beautifully.

Translation :

Listen my friend, listen my darling, listen my companion

If you were a big Peepal Tree, I would be an evergreen vine

I would happily wrap myself around your neck as a garland

If you were an ocean  and I were your river

I would be glad to give myself up and become a part of you. 


 Related interesting information 

  • Musical Score:  The song was composed by acclaimed musician S.D. Burman. He Composed numerous songs for Hindi and Bangla (Bengali) films over several decades. Sometimes the same tune was used in both Hindi and Bengali songs with completely different words. 

  • Other Songs:  S. D Burman composed several wonderful songs for this movie.  This song is one of the best known songs of this movie but many others are also very good.  Click here for the song Jalte Hain Jiske Liye sung by Talat Mahmood from the same movie, which is sweet and romantic.

  • Singer S. D. Burman: This well known song was sung by the composer Sachin Dev Burman himself in his smooth and melodious voice.  He sang only a couple of dozen Bollywood songs, but most of them are memorable and in a class of their own.

  • Beautiful and talented Nutan:  Talented actress Nutan won the best actress award for her portrayal of a low caste woman in this movie.  She was dressed in simple saris, wore dark make up and almost no jewelry in most of this movie.  However, with her expressive eyes and her lovely smile, her natural beauty was much admired in this movie. Nutan was also a good singer.  Click here for a rare solo song sung by Nutan in her own voice.  

  • Like Father Like Son:  Sachin Dev Burman's son Rahul Dev Burman ( R. D. Burman) also became a notable music composer for Bollywood films.  Younger people know S.D. Burman as R.D. Burman's father and older people know R. D. Burman as S. D. Burman's son. Both were talented musicians and had their own distinctive styles. 

  • What does Sun mere bandhu re  mean?  The first line of the song means, listen my friend , listen my darling, listen my companion. The song expresses the woman's sentiments beautifully. 

  • Longer version of Song:  Listen to the full version of the song. With just a few background instruments, Sachin Dev Burman's sweet and melodious voice captures the emotions of the song beautifully. Click here for the longer version of the song.

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