Jai Ho song - Famous song and details from movie Slumdog Millionaire


Jai Ho song from film Slumdog Millionaire   

Movie: Slumdog Millionaire (2008)

Lead Actors: Dev Patel, Freida Pinto, Anil Kapoor, Irrfan Khan

Music: A. R. Rahman

Lyrics: Gulzar

Lead singers: A. R. Rahman, Vijay Prakash, Tanvi Shah, Sukhwinder Singh, Mahalakshmi Iyer

Director: Danny Boyle

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No collection of Bollywood songs can be complete without this internationally famous song. The film is a feel good movie with a happy ending. This cheerful song comes at the end as the credits are shown.

Jai Ho song - Details and live performance 

  • Rahman the Composer:  The song was composed by musician A.R. Rahman. He became famous internationally after winning an Oscar for composing music for the film Slumdog Millionaire.

  • Another Version of song:  There is also another version of the song which shows snippets of the movie. This video also shows the three children who play the youngest version of the three leading characters.  Two of these children were actually from the slums of Mumbai. The movie makers had the foresight to set up a trust for the two children so their education would be paid for and they would have a better future. Click here for a different version of the song. 

  • Gulzar the lyricist:   Gulzar is relatively new to international audiences. However, he has been writing wonderful lyrics for numerous Bollywood songs for decades. For example, click here for a very popular song "Kajra Re" from movie Bunty Aur Babli written by him. Gulzar has also produced and directed several Bollywood movies.

  • Singer Sukhwinder Singh:   One of the singers in the song is Sukhwinder Singh. He was the lead singer in the famous Chhaiyya Chhaiyya song from the movie Dil Se. That song was also composed by Rahman. Click Here for the Chhaiyya Chhaiyya song and details.

  • Game Show host Anil Kapoor:  He had a small but important role in the movie. He has been acting in Bollywood movies for many years. Click here for a sweet and romantic song called "Kuchh Na Kaho" from his earlier days.  

  • Rahman the Singer One of the singers in the song is the music composer Rahman. He also sang the title song "Dil Se Re" from the movie Dil Se, which was his own composition. Click here for "Dil Se Re" song details. 

  • Jai Ho Song Live Performance:  Rahman and others performed this song in a joyful concert. To watch them sing Jai Ho song in a lively concert, click here.

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