Mere Maajhi song and details from movie Bandini


Emotional song Mere Majhi from movie Bandini (1963)

Lead Actors: Ashok Kumar, Nutan, Dharmendra

Music: Sachin Dev Burman  (S. D. Burman)

Lyrics: Shailendra

Singer: Sachin Dev Burman  (S. D. Burman)

Director: Bimal Roy

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Translation of first few lines: 

O Boatman, My loved one is on the other side of the river

I am on this side feeling despondent

Today, please take me to the other side of the river. Please take me along. 

 Related interesting information 

  • Musical Score:  The song was composed by musician S.D.Burman. He Composed numerous songs for Hindi and Bangla (Bengali) films over several decades. He was considered one of the best and most successful music composers of Bollywood films. Click here for another masterpiece from this film called Ab Ke Baras, which is a very sentimental song.

  • Other Songs: Sachin Dev Burman composed several wonderful songs for this movie. Mere Maajhi song is one of the best known songs but some others are also very good. Click here for another highly admired song called O Jane Wale Ho sake to Laut Ke Aana sung by Mukesh. 

  • Singer S. D. Burman: The song was sung by the composer Sachin Dev Burman himself in his smooth and melodious voice with very few instruments for accompaniment. His magical voice alone carries the song magnificently. He sang only a couple of dozen Bollywood songs, but most of them are memorable and in a class of their own. This song is loaded with heartache and longing, which has been beautifully expressed by the singer.

  • Video of the song: The video of the song from the movie Bandini is very moving. The word Bandini means female prisoner in Hindi language.  The feelings of the lead female character Kalyani, who was a prisoner,  have been shown very well by the body language and facial expressions of lead actress Nutan. Click here to watch the video. 

  • Setting of the song:  The song shows the internal struggle of a woman as she tries to make plans for her future. Should she choose a new path and a new life partner or go back to her old lover? She sees her old lover, who seems sick,  and she feels a tremendous urge to go back to him. 

  • Film Maker Bimal Roy  Bimal Roy was considered one of the finest film directors of Bollywood. Some of his famous movies are Sujata, Bandini, Do Bigha Zamin and Devdas. He is known to have paid close attention to every aspect of the movies he made. 

  • Actress Nutan's choice: Nutan was asked about her preference between Sujata and Bandini. She was the lead actress in these two well known movies, which were made by the famous filmmaker Bimal Roy. Nutan chose Bandini because it had a much more complex character and story. Click here to see the complete interview.  

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