O Jaane Wale Ho Sake song and details from movie Bandini


Sentimental song from movie Bandini (1963)

Lead Actors: Ashok Kumar, Nutan, Dharmendra

Music: Sachin Dev Burman  (S. D. Burman)

Lyrics: Shailendra

Singer: Mukesh

Director: Bimal Roy

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This video pays tribute to the many artists who made this wonderful song possible, for example, lyricist Shailendra, music composer Sachin Dev Burman, director Bimal Roy, singer Mukesh and actress Nutan. 


O Departing one, come back one day if possible
Do not forget this place and surroundings. 

Your childhood friends and companions will be grief-stricken and will search for you everywhere. Every eye will try to locate you. 

Every moment someone will call you. Whoever goes to the other shore never seems to come back. I wish someone could explain this mystery to me.   

Related interesting information  

  • Music Composer S. D. Burman: The song was composed by musician Sachin Dev Burman. He composed several wonderful songs for this movie. Click here for a famous song called "Mere Maajhi", which the composer sang himself.  

  • Shailendra: Lyricist Shailendra wrote meaningful and thoughtful lyrics for the song. He also wrote the lyrics of several other wonderful songs in this movie and many other movies. He was known for writing songs with a lot of sentiments and deep meanings. 

  • Mukesh :  Singer Mukesh sang this song with so much emotion and sensitivity. His voice and style were very well suited for this particular song. Professionally he was known by just one name -Mukesh. He was the playback singer for many of Raj Kapoor's songs because their voices were thought to be similar.  

  • Leaving the world: Many people think that this song is really about the end of life and leaving this world. All the great artists, S.D. Burman, Shailendra, Mukesh, Nutan and Bimal Roy, who contributed to this fabulous song are no longer in this world. It seems very appropriate to say to each one of them: O departed one, please come back if possible. 

  • One of many beautiful Songs: This movie had so many beautiful songs, each with a different emotion and style. It is hard to decide which is the best. This is a really meaningful and memorable song. Click here to watch a video of the song sung by Mukesh. 

  • Bandini (Captive): The movie Bandini is a woman-centric film. The word Bandini means female prisoner or female captive. The lead female character Kalyani (played by Nutan), spends time in a prison for committing a murder but she is also held captive by her strong feelings for her old lover Bikash (played by Ashok Kumar). After enduring many hardships because of her lover, she finds herself unable to leave her old lover and start a new life with a new life partner. 

  • Setting of the song: This song shows the emotional struggle that Kalyani is feeling about leaving her village where she grew up. She has been forced to leave the village and move to an unfamiliar city in the middle of the night without telling anyone.  

  • Longer version of song: The song has been recreated by Avinash Srivastava with an introduction. The video is from the movie Bandini but the singer is not Mukesh. The voice is that of Avinash Srivastava. Click here for the recreated version.

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