Ab Ke Baras song and details from movie Bandini


Emotional song from movie Bandini (1963)

Lead Actors: Ashok Kumar, Nutan, Dharmendra

Music: Sachin Dev Burman  (S. D. Burman)

Lyrics: Shailendra

Singer: Asha Bhosle

Director: Bimal Roy

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 Ab Ke Baras song from movie Bandini - Interesting Details 

  • Setting of the song:  The song shows a female prisoner grinding grain in a prison. In the song, she remembers her childhood and young adulthood days spent in her father's house before her marriage.  She misses her parents and brothers and urges the parents to call her for a visit because she now lives with her husband and in-laws in a different town.  All the other female prisoners can relate to her sentiments because they also had to leave their childhood homes. Kalyani (Nutan), who is another inmate of the prison, seems moved by the song.  In the film, the women are not living with their in-laws but in a prison. 

  • About film Bandini:  Bandini is considered to be one of the best films made by the renowned filmmaker Bimal Roy. It won the national award for the Best Feature film. The movie centers around Kalyani (Nutan), who is unable to free herself from her love and devotion for Bikash (Ashok Kumar) despite the  hardships she has suffered because of Bikash.  Nutan has given one of her best performances in the movie. She won the national best actress award for her performance in this movie.

  • Music of Bandini:  The song was composed by the well known musician Sachin Dev Burman (S.D. Burman). He composed numerous Bollywood songs over several decades as well as songs for Bangla (Bengali) films. He also sang one of the most memorable songs, Mere Manjhi, for this movie.  Click here for Mere Manjhi song.  

  • Other Songs from film Bandini:  Bandini was not only a great film, it also had  several marvelous songs, which were composed by Sachin Dev Burman. Most of these songs were written by notable lyricist Shailendra. One song, Mora gora ang, was written by Gulzar, who was, at that time, a newcomer. This song is one of the most beautiful songs from Bandini,  but some others are also very good.  For example, a famous and sentimental song from this movie is O Janewale Ho Sake, which was beautifully sung by Mukesh.  Click here for O Jaane wale song.  

  • Sachin Dev Buram and Rahul Dev Burman:  Sachin Dev Burman's son Rahul Dev Burman ( R. D. Burman) also became a notable music composer for Bollywood films.  Younger people know S.D. Burman as R.D. Burman's father and older people know R. D. Burman as S. D. Burman's son. Both were talented musicians and had their own distinctive styles. 

  • Emotional Asha Bhosle:  Singer Asha Bhosle said in an interview that during the recording of this song, she became very emotional and started crying.  The recording had to be stopped for a while for her to regain her composure. Click here to hear a recording of her live performance including a heartwarming introduction before the song. 

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